College Graduation Cakes

College Graduation Cakes | Ideas

Whether you need a graduation cakes for college or high school, or a cake for a special occasion, we’re here to help. Size is no problem! Graduation cakes can be made to serve as many guests as you can invite. We specialize in custom cake designs for all occasions, including weddings cakes, birthdays cakes, corporate orders and large events. Resch’s Bakery has been making cakes and other tasty treats for 100 years.

The center point of your Graduation Party

Your cake is the center point of any party or event and should reflect the importance and the theme of the event. Here at Resch’s Bakery we work hand and hand with our clients to create some of the most beautiful cakes that not only add to their events but become a conversation piece themselves. All of our cakes embody style and class and show the importance and relevance of any of life’s events.

Graduation Cakes Style E
Graduation Cakes Style G
Graduation Cakes “Style C”



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Our first and basic ingredient is customer satisfaction, followed by a dedication to using the best ingredients to create a true from-scratch treat. It's all about the dessert. It's what we do, always have done and always will do... Desserts and CAKES. Come in and see what we have today. Visit our holiday pages for Christmas and Thanksgiving selections.