History of the Wedding Cake

No wedding would be complete without a wedding cake! The cutting of the cake by the bride and groom is a much awaited moment during the wedding celebrations and an integral part of the day’s proceedings. There are so many types of wedding cakes available and with cake decorating being an extremely popular hobby at the moment; many brides and their families are choosing to make the cake themselves! Some families even have secret wedding cake recipes that have been handed down through the generations.

In trying to adhere to the many traditions that surround weddings it is easy to lose sight of what they symbolize and mean to us. In ancient times right through to the Middle Ages the wedding cake was a symbol of fertility and fruitfulness. A custom was then started that is similar to the tossing of the bouquet today. The bride would hide a ring in the cake and it was said that whichever lucky maiden found it would be the next to be married. In the eighteen hundreds the wedding cake became a status symbol that spoke of the wealth of the families involved. The higher and grander the cake the more wealthy the family! Nowadays the cutting of the cake is all about the togetherness of the bride and groom, being one of the first things they undertake together as man and wife.

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